Aloe Vera for Equine

Humans have long used Aloe Vera to promote good health in horses. The first evidence of this is from Mesopotamian tablets around 4,000 years ago.

When it was first transported to the UK from Jamaica, the plant was known as horse Aloe Vera.

The life of a working horse or racehorse can be stressful, and many develop gastric ulcers. Rich in fibre and polysaccharides, Aloe gel is accepted in the equine industry to assist with relief of gastric ulcers.

Studies have shown it can improve overall skin, coat and hoof condition, gut function and stimulate antibody production.

Nutrients in Aloe Vera: Minerals - Vitamins A- C - E - B1- B2 - B6- B12 - 20 Amino Acids - Calcium - Sodium - Iron - Potassium -Magnesium - Zinc-Manganese - Copper - Chromium and Selenium.

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When taken as a high-strength drink, Aloe can promote wound healing (although it should not be applied directly to broken skin).

When rubbed into the skin, our pure Aloe Vera Equine Liniment increases blood flow, soothes muscles and promotes recovery after training. It helps to manage dry or itchy skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, ichthyosis and chafing.

All our products are made from Certified Organic and Glyphosate Free Aloe Vera grown in Australia. Please read our PDF below for more information.

Aloe Vera Juice for Horses & Ponies is Certified Organic

Over the centuries, the Aloe vera barbadensis Miller succulent, commonly known as aloe vera, has been used as a natural herbal remedy for treating numerous ailments for humans and animals.

It has also been highly beneficial in the growth of crops as it is a natural pest repellent, eliminating the need for chemical pesticides that have a long-term negative impact on the environment, humans, and animals. The juice and gel of the aloe vera succulent are the parts of the plant containing numerous ingredients that seem beneficial for aiding the recovery of many ailments.

Our aloe juice for horses, other farm animals, cats, and dogs, made from 99.7 percent of the aloe vera’s inner leaf gel, does not contain sugar, gluten, or preservatives. Our equine aloe vera juice is suitable for all breeds of horses and ponies, made from Australian grown organically certified aloe vera, and is Glyphosate-free...

Benefits Aloe Vera can have for Horses' Skin

Aloe vera has many benefits for a horse’s skin; you will find our products are easy to apply and can help treat several skin conditions. Our Aloe Vera Gel for horses, made from the gel of the mature aloe vera plant for its high quality and strength, soothes and moisturises. It can improve the general condition of a horse’s coat, skin, and hooves. For superficial wounds and skin irritations, rub the gel into the skin or mix it with water and spray it directly onto the affected areas.

Our gel is fragrance-free, protects, restores, and repairs dry, chapped skin. It may help relieve sun and wind-damaged skin by rehydrating the dermal layers as it penetrates to provide moisture directly to the tissue.

Aloe vera may help soothe and heal minor wounds and abrasions when applied directly to the affected area, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It is also used in the equine industry for the relief of gastric ulcers when administered orally.

When applied directly to a horse’s skin, our Aloe Vera Liniment for horses may increase blood flow to the area, which aids in soothing sore muscles and stimulates recovery after training. When massaged into the horse’s muscles, it may help to ease pain from sprains.

Our liniment contains 90 percent Aloe Vera gel, Australian tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and Aloin; it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Its uses include managing and relieving chafing, dry or itchy skin, rashes, hives, insect bites, and skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and ichthyosis.

Our other Aloe Vera products for Horses

Our Aloe Vera Gel and Liniment can provide moisture and aid in muscle and wound recovery topically, but when ingested, Aloe Vera may have health benefits too. Our Alogenic Aloe Vera Juice for horses contains 99.7 percent pure inner leaf aloe vera gel, is sugar and gluten-free, and does not contain preservatives. It may assist with nutrient absorption, maintaining natural energy levels, and supporting a healthy immune system.

Aloe vera juice has natural cleansing abilities that aid with healthy digestion. Aloe vera contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace elements.

We use aloe vera plants that are certified organically grown in Australia’s rich and fertile volcanic soils. They have abundant minerals such as calcium, chromium, copper, manganese, magnesium, selenium, and zinc.

Our Aloe Vera Powder for horses, made by dehydrating the gel and grinding it into a fine powder, is safe to add to your horses’ drinking water. Aloe Vera powder is rich in polysaccharides and anti-oxidants.

When horses drink Aloe Vera powder mixed in their water, it may also help with healing wounds.

What Alogenic Offers

We offer several aloe vera products for the domestic, commercial, agricultural, and veterinary sectors in Australia, Asia, and Europe. Our aloe vera extract is from Australian-grown organic aloe plants that are Glyphosate-free. We have products that may aid with skin, hair, and health for people and a product range for farm and domestic animals.

Our animal range may help provide additional nutrients to their diet. The soothing gels and linaments may promote muscle and wound recovery. Our aloe supplements provide nutrients for plants and crops and pest deterrents that do not contain toxic chemicals.

Feel free to contact us if you consider aloe vera for your horse as a supplement to their diet; we are happy to guide you to the most suitable products.

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