Aloe Vera Gel

At Alogenic, we provide pure organic and Glyphosate-free aloe vera gel products beneficial to animals and humans, and it even has agriculture applications. Aloe vera has an incredible range of uses, and many believe it to have anti-bacterial properties.

In addition, Aloe vera has proven helpful in many different ways for the environment by working as a natural fertiliser, replacing the solid chemical fertilisers that the agricultural sector would typically use...

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Aloe Vera Skin & Hair Rejuvenate Gel
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The potential health benefits of Aloe Vera soothing gel

Regarding aloe gel for humans, there are a variety of studies across the world to determine the veracity of all the different claims that people make. Here at Alogenic, we believe in the incredible health benefits that aloe vera holds and aim to provide you with as much information as possible.

Aloe vera may have a calming effect on skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. In addition, since aloe inhibits the production of prostaglandin E2, it may be beneficial in reducing itchiness and inflammation.

Aloe vera offers relief for sunburns but may it not be effective for treating the condition. It may also provide relief for the symptoms of first to second-degree burns and other surface wounds such as bruising. In recent studies, the application of aloe on burn victims shows the reduction of the healing time of up to nine days.

Aloe vera has specific laxative properties and may give relief from constipation for individuals suffering from symptoms of IBS.

Variety of ways to use natural Aloe Vera Gel

You don't have to apply pure aloe gel only to your skin; there are a variety of uses for aloe gel and juice, ranging from working as a fertiliser to adding it to your animal's diet or applying it to their skin. You can even consume aloe vera yourself.

Studies show that aloe may help your fresh produce keep longer. For example, by adding aloe gel to the exterior of your tomatoes, you may delay the ripening and help maintain the quality and freshness. The aloe also helps prevent bacteria from growing on the garden produce, which prolongs its life.

Aloe is a natural source of salicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory compound commonly found in aspirin. Aloe may help relieve some chronic pains such as the ache of osteoarthritis or, when applied to the skin, help with inflammation and irritants.

Aloe vera may be just as effective as a mouthwash as chlorhexidine with little to no side effects and even more eco-friendly. It may even reduce plaque formation on your teeth in short-term use.

Nutrients found in Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe soothing gel is full of nutrients and vitamins. At Alogenic, we make sure to use every part of the aloe plant so that nothing goes to waste.

Our skeleton and teeth contain up to 99% of our body's calcium, a vital mineral for most of our enzyme systems, including nerve impulses and muscles. Without calcium, our bones become weak and may break easily. Through consumption and topical application of aloe vera, you are adding calcium to your system, which your body may absorb and use where necessary.

When consuming calcium, you also need to consume magnesium to help with calcium uptake in your body. With aloe, you will be adding both minerals at once without lacking either. You can find over 70% of the body's magnesium in your bones and the rest in soft tissue and body fluids. Magnesium is essential as it conducts the impulses you require to control nerves and muscles, and it goes hand-in-hand with calcium.

Free radicals are unstable chemical substances that may cause cellular changes within our bodies. Exposure to smoke, radiation, excessive sunlight and other forms of pollution creates cell damage or breakdowns in your skin tissues. Aloe is rich in antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and E, stabilising free radicals into molecules.

What you can expect from drinking juice made with pure Aloe Vera Gel

The most common form of aloe is a gel, but aloe vera juice has become another form in which we can easily consume aloe and get all the health benefits from the inside. Aloe juice may provide just as many benefits as aloe gel. However, cleansing from the inside is what we aim to deliver.

Aloe juice provides hydration, and the water-dense plant is an excellent way to treat or even prevent dehydration. You can detox your body by flushing it from impurities while adding the necessary nutrients to the juice. By hydrating your body, you keep your kidneys and liver functioning and healthy.

Healthy liver function is vital to help detox your body from anything harmful that may infiltrate your body's system. Along with hydration, aloe juice has an entire list of nutrients that it provides your body that may nourish your body.

Many people deal with the annoyance of acne or irritated skin. People with skin conditions may benefit from drinking aloe juice as it's a good source of antioxidants and vitamins. In addition, the juice may help neutralise the effects of UV radiation and help repair skin damage.

Why trust Alogenic

At Alogenic, we aim to provide you with the best aloe vera products available. We source our aloe from certified organic Glyphosate-free growers and even use our products ourselves. With the many benefits that aloe vera provides us in our daily routines, we could not resist offering you the same opportunity to have the best. We have a passion for our aloe products and utilise them for everything we do. We offer highly competitive pricing and free shipping throughout Australia. You can order your favourite aloe vera products online or contact us for more information.

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