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In ancient Egypt, Aloe was regarded as a sacred plant that held the secrets to beauty, health and immortality. While we cannot promise eternal life, we believe that Aloe Vera has vast benefits when regularly applied to skin and hair or as consumed as a drink.

Aloe is excellent for full body massage and foot reflexology. Aloe gel can soothe dry damaged skin, relieve rashes and itching and replenish sun-damaged hair. It is wonderful mess free alternative to massage oil.

Nutrients in Aloe Vera: Minerals - Vitamins A- C - E - B1- B2 - B6- B12 - 20 Amino Acids - Calcium - Sodium - Iron - Potassium -Magnesium - Zinc-Manganese - Copper - Chromium and Selenium.

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Aloe is a natural analgesic-pain reliever and anti-fungal that can refresh the skin and soothe tired eyes.

Our Aloe Vera drink is made from 99.7% pure inner leaf Aloe Vera gel and is sugar and gluten free with no added preservatives.

It can promote a healthy digestive system, support nutrient absorption and strengthen the immune system. It is packed full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Learn more about the nutrients contained within the Aloe Vera Gel: Download our PDF

All our products are made from Certified Organic and Glyphosate Free Aloe Vera grown in Australia. Please read our PDF below for more information.

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The humble aloe vera or ‘true aloe’ is a cactus-like succulent common worldwide and often grown at home. The leaves of this beneficial plant produce a soothing gel containing vitamins A, C, E, and B12, and minerals, among other valuable nutrients, making aloe vera perfect for skin and hair health...


The advantages of aloe vera’s well-known and well-used gel are numerous and wide-reaching, including:

Natural wound management: Aloe vera gel is considered a potentially effective anti-inflammatory and natural analgesic and may help reduce wound swelling, pain and tenderness. It may further help accelerate healing and limit scarring, particularly cooling, soothing and restorative in the case of rashes, sunburns and burns. In addition, the gel’s anti-bacterial qualities may help treat bacterial infections and fungal conditions.

Skincare and protection: The gel’s 98 percent water content may help keep skin hydrated, moisturised, nourished and soothed, maintaining your skin’s suppleness. Use it as part of your daily skincare routine, as a mess-free massage oil alternative, or for relaxing foot reflexology. The gel’s cooling and astringent qualities are also ideal for refreshing tired eyes.

Skin repair and rejuvenation: Besides possibly hydrating, moisturising, nourishing and soothing, aloe vera for the face and body may also offer an antioxidant effect, potentially helping to repair sun and age damaged skin and supporting increased production of collagen.

Dry, damaged hair rescue: An aloe vera hair mask may help to strengthen your hair and tone your scalp. Enjoy the potential benefits when you rub the gel into your hair and massage it into your scalp. Leave for an hour and then rinse off using a gentle shampoo. Possible benefits include calming for an itchy or inflamed scalp, deeply cleansed hair without harsh chemicals, and stronger, healthier, shinier hair.

Skincare from within: Besides numerous potential benefits of topical application, versatile aloe vera can also be consumed, providing your skin and body with a potential nutrient boost. Aloe vera gel is low-calorie and naturally gluten, sugar, and preservative-free.

Aloe vera-based products have been used for centuries as long ago as 6 000 years when it was considered a sacred plant, and it remains a reliable staple today. With all its potential benefits, it may be the perfect daily moisturiser, eye gel and hair mask and ideal for more intense body massage, skin repair and wound care.


We’ve designed our product range to take care of you from top to toe, inside and out. For example, our aloe vera products include the following:

Massage treatment gel: Ideal for spa therapists or you at home, a little of our body Massage Treatment product goes a long way. In addition to offering oil-free massages, our aloe vera massage lotion may also be perfect for relieving pain, headaches, and sinus discomfort. In addition, you can use aloe vera for allergies, breathing issues, and focusing the mind. You can even use aloe vera for acne. The aloe massage lotion contains 90 percent high-strength aloe vera gel, plus Australian Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil and peppermint oil.

Skin and Hair Gel: Use pure aloe vera for your face and hair. Our moisturising and soothing Skin and Hair Gel may hydrate and nourish the skin and hair. It consists of 99 percent fragrance-free aloe vera, potentially helping repair dry or damaged skin and hair, relieve itching or irritation, and treat minor cuts, scrapes and wounds.

Aloe Vera Mist Spray: Our aloe vera spray provides the plant’s potentially natural anti-fungal and analgesic benefits in a convenient spray format. The cooling spray refreshes and soothes while possibly preventing infection. It can be used anywhere on the body, including the eyelids. Use Aloe Vera Mist Spray whenever and as often as required in first aid management and even after dental intervention.

Organic Aloe Juice: Our juice comprises raw aloe vera micro pulp in its purest form. Our highly nutritious drink is close to 100 percent aloe vera, obtained from deep inside the leaves of an exceptionally effective aloe variety, Aloe barbadensis. The potentially powerful pulp in our Organic Aloe Juice is grown in rich volcanic soil and is certified organic. It may help cleanse your digestive tract and support optimised absorption of nutrients, potentially improving overall health and immunity. In addition, this favourite is also available in powder form, in premium and cosmetic grade, or our vacuum-packed cryovac packs.


Our aloe vera body gel and other aloe products are grown in Australia and are glyphosate-free and certified organic. Glyphosate is a synthetic herbicide designed to kill weeds, which may be toxic and carcinogenic. Our certified aloe vera supply farms ensure they avoid this and other unwelcome pesticides to bring you a pure organic product. In addition:

We are passionate about aloe: We don’t just grow, produce and sell aloe vera products; we are true believers in the potential of the plant gel we advocate and the products we promote. Our usage and love of the product prompted us to start our aloe vera business. So, you can have peace of mind that everything we ask you to buy and try is a product that we do or would use and trust.

We provide a wide range: Our range includes products designed for all applications, whether the body, face, hair or as a drink. We also consider your budget with a choice of formats, sizes and refills. With all these options available, there’s no excuse not to use our aloe vera products to potentially improve and enhance your skin, hair and overall health.

Our production method is pristine: We convert our aloe vera juice to gel in blending tanks. We then transfer the gel via a mobile stainless-steel tank to our tubing machine for bulk tube orders. We filter the air in our manufacturing spaces to an ISO F7 or ISO F8 standard, monitor air and surfaces for microbial contamination and micro-test our products.

You can choose various payment options: In addition to traditional payment methods, we also offer Afterpay. You can buy and benefit from your aloe vera products now but pay in four equal installments.

We ship nationwide for free and internationally, so no one needs to do without the pleasure and possible advantages of our pure and natural aloe vera pulp, skin and hair care products.

Experience the benefits of Aloe Vera for hair

In Ancient Egypt, people regarded aloe as a sacred plant that held the secrets to beauty, health and immortality. While we can’t promise eternal life, we believe that aloe vera may have vast benefits when regularly applied to skin and hair or consumed as a drink. If you use aloe vera correctly, aloe vera for hair may just give your hair back the shine and lustre it lacks. When applied to the skin in the recommended way, you can also nourish your skin with the nutrients it needs to exfoliate and restore.

How to use Aloe Vera Gel for hair and body

Aloe is an excellent aid for foot reflexology or even a full-body massage. Aloe gel can relieve rashes and itching, soothe damaged, dry skin, and nourish sun-damaged hair. It is an excellent mess-free alternative to traditional massage oil. Here are more uses of this natural healing plant:

Aloe is a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-fungal agent that may refresh the skin and soothe tired eyes. Our aloe vera drink is made from 99.7% pure inner leaf aloe vera gel and is sugar and gluten-free with no added preservatives. You can use our juice as part of smoothies or drinks or mix it with honey.

Our aloe juice contains no preservatives, and it is grown organically in volcanic soil. It may promote a healthy digestive system, support nutrient absorption and strengthen the immune system. It is packed full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

We use 99% fragrance-free, soothing aloe moisturising gel that protects, restores and repairs skin. If you are injured, you can use aloe gel on minor wounds and abrasions by just applying the gel to the affected area as it is. Aloe is great for restoring hydration to the skin and may help with rashes or irritation.

All our products are made from certified organic and Glyphosate free aloe vera, grown in Australia, so you know that what you put on your hair and skin is good for you and straight from the aloe plant’s leaves.

Other uses for Aloe Vera Hair Products

First, let us go back to aloe for hair and the skin. It might just be one of the most beneficial natural products you can have in your medicine cabinet, and not only for wounds. Here are a few ways in which you can use aloe vera juice other than for hair health:

Make your own face mask by using aloe vera, a bit of turmeric, a teaspoon, honey, milk, and add to that a few drops of rose water. Mix the ingredients together, apply to your face, and leave on for about 20 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

Mixing aloe with honey can also help reduce red, inflamed, acne-prone skin and calm it down to avoid further inflammation and spreading of germs.

Aloe vera can be great as a supplement when you want to lose weight. It will help eliminate free radicals from your body, and the enzymes and amino acids in aloe vera may increase the effectiveness of your diet and absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream.

Our organic aloe hair and skin products contain the Aloe barbadensis Miller species, and you can trust that it will feed your hair with the keratin it needs, whether used as aloe gel for hair or as a treatment.

About Alogenic

While we had been using marvelous aloe vera for our ailments for some time, our business, Alogenic, was born in 2018. Now, along with our responsible partners and certified organic growers in Northern Australia, we provide a high-quality product combined with exceptional customer servicing.

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We love the benefits of aloe vera; from Egyptian times, people have experienced the benefits that extend to, and may even help, stomach infections, worms, gingivitis, inflamed joints, constipation and headaches.

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