Aloe Vera for Agriculture

The Aloe Vera plant is not bothered by pests, a property that makes it an excellent natural pest-repellent when sprayed on domestic and commercial crops. It is believed to provide nutrients that strengthen the immune system of plants and promote growth while allowing farmers to avoid harsh chemical crop sprays.

Certified Organic and Glyphosate Free Aloe Vera grown in Australia Renew A Bio-Soil Improver fertiliser is completely plant based and partially fermented with micro-organisms that promote growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the roots of your crop plants.

Our Renew A soil improver bio-fertiliser is used as a replacement for harsh chemical fertilisers and gradually restores the health of the soil.

Nutrients in Aloe Vera: Minerals - Vitamins A- C - E - B1- B2 - B6- B12 - 20 Amino Acids - Calcium - Sodium - Iron - Potassium -Magnesium - Zinc-Manganese - Copper - Chromium and Selenium.

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Aloe Renew A Bio Soil Improver Liquid
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Give your plants a boost with organic Aloe Vera Liquid Fertilizer

Aloe Vera is a versatile plant, renowned worldwide for its health and beauty benefits. This wonder plant doesn’t only benefit humans, and you can use it as a natural supplement for growing other greenery. Alogenic offers a premium selection of aloe vera liquid fertilizer products for home and commercial growers. Our organic aloe fertilizer gives your plants a boost at any phase in their growth cycle...

The benefits of Aloe Vera as a fertilizer

The advantages of aloe vera’s well-known and well-used gel are numerous and wide-reaching, including:

Adds nutrients to the soil. Our bio-fertilizer contains 80 percent aloe vera extract and introduces microorganisms into the soil beneficial to your plants. The aloe extract contains sugars and phytochemicals that improve your soil’s fertility and encourage plant growth.

Aloe vera is a natural pesticide. Garden pests do not bother aloe vera plants due to the high concentration of aloin in their leaves. Aloe vera extract acts as a natural pesticide that deters birds, bats, and insects from attacking your plants.

An organic alternative. Aloe vera extract is an organic product safe to use on food and ornamental crops. You can use our aloe raw material liquid as an alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

How to use Aloe Vera to fertilize your plants

Aloe vera comes in many different forms and you can use it to fertilize almost any plant crop. Experienced growers and casual gardeners alike can easily incorporate aloe into your routine to make life a little easier for your plants. Here are the most common ways to use aloe vera in the garden.

Renew A Soil Improver Bio Fertiliser is partially fermented with mircrorganisms. It can play a role in stimulating growth by increasing the supply of nutrients to the level of the roots.

Aloe Renew A Liquid Bio Fertiliser is a liquid soil improver and fertiliser grown from organically rich soil. It includes seaweed, functional microorganisms, and other natural ingredients.

You can add Aloe Renew B Pest Deterrent and Growth Wholeleaf Pro Powder to water and spray it on crops or add it to the soil as a treatment. The Aloe Vera extract powder inside is in its natural form without any enhancements or addition of any chemicals.

Uses of Aloe Vera in Agriculture

Because the Aloe vera plant is resistant to insect infestation, it can be an ideal product to include pest repellents for crops. Some of our agricultural products.

Foliar spray. Apply a foliar spray onto the leaves of your plants in the mornings when the air is cool for the highest levels of absorption. The plant will absorb nutrients in the spray faster than it does through the soil, and it can benefit plants that are experiencing nutrient deficiencies.

Soil application. Spraying liquid fertilizer into the soil is the best way to improve your plants’ health over time. Aloe fertilizers act as carriers for beneficial microbes that provide nutrients for the roots, encouraging sustainable growth.

Seed soaking. Soaking your seeds for a few hours before planting them often helps them germinate faster and improves their chances of survival. Aloe vera fertilizer protects your seeds from pests in their most vulnerable stage.

Why you should choose Alogenic for Agriculture Aloe Vera

Alogenic supplies premium aloe vera products from certified organic growers. We are passionate about health and sharing the incredible benefits and versatile uses of the aloe vera plant that we have come to trust over many years. Our products are glyphosate free and grown in Australia, and we ship nationwide. Contact us for more information.

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