Aloe Renew A Bio Soil Improver Liquid

Aloe Renew A Bio Soil Improver Liquid

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Aloe Vera liquid soil improver / fertiliser that is grown from volcanic rich soil. Our unique Organic liquid fertiliser has the perfect synergy of Aloe Vera, seaweed, natural ingredients and...
Vendor: Alogenic
Product Type: Bio Fertiliser


80% Organic Aloe Vera (no added water) with 20% seaweed. Natural ingredients and billions of functional microbes designed to stimulate root growth, increase nutrient absorption and boost plants immune system.

Size: 1 Litre
Subtotal: $25.50
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  • Chemical Free Farmers Association
  • Alogenic Certified Organic Aloe Vera Australia

Larger sizes or quantities

We usually have larger sizes for example 20kg and we can supply larger quantities so feel free to contact us.

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