Cosmetic Grade Aloe Vera High Quality Powder

Cosmetic Grade Aloe Vera High Quality Powder

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Sizes available 100gm and 1kg. Please contact for pricing on larger quantities 1kg or more.Suitable for Food, Beverage and Cosmetic Manufacturer(1kg makes 200 Litres of Aloe Vera High-Quality Drink)Organically Grown...
Vendor: Alogenic
Product Type: Cosmetic Powder


Aloe Vera Dehydrated 200:1 and spray dried powder

Size: 100gm
Subtotal: $51.50
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  • Chemical Free Farmers Association
  • Alogenic Certified Organic Aloe Vera Australia

Larger sizes or quantities

We usually have larger sizes for example 20kg and we can supply larger quantities so feel free to contact us.

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