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Aloe Vera For Beauty Treatment

Aloe Vera For Beauty Treatment

The uses of Aloe Vera for beauty treatments date back to Cleopatra and Nefertiti. The plant is known for many uses in the maintenance and retention of beauty. Cleopatra was known for her beauty and power and Aloe Vera had a lot to do with it.

Society has always had an admiration for strong and beautiful people because that is often what follows with good health.

Good health=beauty.



It is natural to be attracted to this, because that is how we have evolved and improved over time. If you are healthy and the person you choose to procreate with is healthy then that is more likely you will have healthy kids and your genes and offspring will survive and thrive.

I’m sure Cleopatra and Nefertiti were not the first to discover the natural remedies and benefits of fresh Aloe Vera to improve the beauty of their healthy skin. Their use of Aloe Vera for hair growth and health had a lot to do with popularizing how well Aloe Vera Plants works to this day.

Aloe Vera is known to help with skin reproduction, soothes sunburns, treat sunburn and even removed dead skin. Despite historical influences, many people benefit from its use and in time and with more studies I believe it will continue to grow in popularity based on its success.

If you were to stroll down the beauty isle in your local grocery store you will find nearly every product incorporating Aloe Vera into their products. They add Aloe Vera gel in combination with coconut oil, tea tree oil, olive oil and even lemon juice to name a few.

From lotions to soaps and even toothpaste, the benefits of Aloe Vera are used in many cosmetic products. Cosmetic companies do this because they are using the benefits of Aloe Vera and other constituents to help improve beauty.

Aloe Vera is great in healing dry skin which is often the beginning of skin problems, thus beauty problems. When your skin is cracked it is the perfect opportunity for infection to enter those crevasses. With a strong and healthy skin exterior you can keep your internal health in tact as your first line of defense.

Skin is the body's immunological organ. The largest human organ. The skin is a very sensitive and essential organ to relays information to the brain so that is one major reason to take good care of it. We all must do this not only for beauty benefits, but for overall health and wellbeing. If you can improve your skins immunity then you in turn can improve your body's ability to fight off infection, diseases and ailments that cause ageing and stress to your body.

Here at Alogenic we offer non other that why you buy these products to help improve your beauty and health. We offer what they add to sell their products, Aloe Vera itself. No other nasties or additives tainting a wonderful raw product. Some people say "don't mess with a good thing," and I can relate when it comes to using Aloe Vera and leaving its amazing synergistic properties do the work.

If Aloe Vera can be included in your diet and your animals diet you will see with your own eyes how all the biological components of this plant can be transferred and utilized in our bodies. The physical and chemical properties of this plant are amazing at helping us improve our beauty.

Aloe Vera gel

helps the healing process of skin repair and works well with sensitive skin and dry skin. Aloe Vera also works on improving the elastin fibers of your skin. Using Aloe Vera can help with stretch marks and that is just one of the

many skin benefits.


In all the gel, Aloe Vera contains salicylic acid, amino acids and compounds called polysaccharides that helps with producing new skin cells and can heal scorched skin and a skin wound. The Aloe Vera leaf also contains many nutrients that can be used in other ways.

Using Aloe Vera can help in hair growth by helping retain moisture. Having healthy hair is something that many people spend a lot of money on and I personally have narrowed all my hair beauty treatments down to one product,

Alogenic Aloe Vera.

In the cosmetic industry you can purchase an Aloe Vera face pack, Aloe gel, Aloe Vera cream, and many other Aloe Vera products.

Alogenic is offering you the direct source of all that Aloe Vera has to offer with our lines of agricultural range, animal range and people range. Alogenic Aloe Vera is the perfect tool for your internal and external beauty practices.

Aloe Vera enhances skin cells, skin elasticity, works well with sensitive skin and dry skin keeping your skin hydrated. We now know over time and with Aloe Vera clinical trials that the aesthetic benefits go far beyond the uses of improving your skin conditions and hair health.

Aloe Vera has many medicinal properties that include anti bacterial properties, anti-fungal properties and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you are using Alogenic Aloe Vera as your skincare routine it is such a versatile gel that helps your skin retain moisture, reduce acne scars, helps fade dark spots, reduce stretch marks, reduce wrinkles, soothes sunburn and treats sunburn. Physical scars are beauty flaws and with a society obsessed by beauty you should tune in to what Aloe Vera can do for you and the people and animas you love.

The fact that it helps your skin retain moisture may be why it is so effective in reducing the appearance of dark spots, which is often a common beauty treatment. If you have yet to try our amazing range of all Certified Organic products then you will soon find out what beauty benefits this amazing plant has to offer.

It's hard to imagine all its medicinal properties that goes far beyond helping the human skin. External appearance is often how people judge and perceive you before they get to know you. That is why people spend so much time and money on beauty. Call if vain, but life is just easier when you have health and looks and I'm sure you can agree to some extent.

The Aloe plant can improve the appearance of your nails, teeth and even your eyes. This goes for both people and animals alike.

Harsh chemicals have been used everywhere and they negatively affect the quality of your nails, hair, skin, and so forth and unfortunately these chemicals can be found just about anywhere.

Prolonged exposure to what may seem harmless at the time, such as many beauty products and cleaning products can aversely affect your health. It does this by affecting the health of the systems that promote the growth and well-being of the skin, hair and nails.

That is why we want to offer you a heathy natural alternative to those chemicals that can harm your system and cause beauty and health problems.

I once knew a middle-aged woman photographer who had such a breakdown in health after years of exposure to chemicals and then her body completely shut down and became uber sensitive to all chemicals.

With great care in her home and where she was going and even who she was around by having to avoid people who wore perfumes, she now must always control how much exposure she has. Her body has had enough and now has allergic contact dermatitis.

If these chemicals that we use and are around daily make your hair, nails and skin look bad, how long will it take for your body to say enough, just as it has done to her?

By being aware of the environmental elements that can wreak havoc on your beauty, you can start to safeguard your overall health using Aloe Vera.

If you are someone who has experienced something like this we suggest you apply Aloe Vera gel daily and drink and use the fresh Aloe Vera gel from the Aloe Vera plant help promote an anti inflammatory action.

Not everyone has the time and love it take to put into their own Aloe plant so that is why we offer fresh Certified Organic Aloe Vera grown in the best conditions of Australia, to allow our customers to have the full benefits of how the Aloe Vera works wonders on our bodies.

We do all the hard work here at Alogenic, skin Aloe Vera and ensure the Aloe gel is fresh to we can get the full benefits of the Aloe Vera plant. With the help of Alogenic clear gel Aloe Vera you can maintain your natural beauty and enhance it altogether. 

Apply Aloe Vera gel


to have smooth skin, soothe skin and to help in the healing of dry skin. Aloe Vera helps with skin conditions such as skin inflammation. Alogenic Aloe Vera helps reduce the internal inflammation and when you are not overran by internal irritation then looking beautiful comes much more easier.

Apply Aloe Vera to the affected area to see first hand how Aloe Vera's efficacy in anti-inflammatory actions help sooth irritated skin.

Aloe Vera can even remove dead skin cells by its exfoliating actions aided by salicylic acids in the:

Aloe Vera plant.

Harnessing the healing powers of Aloe Vera have started 1,000's of years ago and we are still unlocking the beauty and health benefits of this plant of immortality. It may be called the plant of immortality because when you slice the leaf of an Aloe Vera plant it's leaf is almost instantaneously sealed and healed. Now we have perfected how to get that attribute into us by ingesting Aloe Vera so we can heal internally and externally just as the plant does so effectively.

This ability that the plant has is what people have been using over time and we are still unfolding the possibilities of how these powers can be transferred to all living things starting from the ground up.

By using Alogenic Aloe Vera agricultural range you can treat the soil. When you get more nutritious poison-free food the you and all that consume this produce will see the beauty benefits.

Then if you use Alogenic Aloe Vera animal range you can see the direct result from healthy animals. When you have healthy animals they and we all benefit from this.

Lastly, but not least, if you consume and use Alogenic Aloe Vera people range products you will find an immerse benefit of you health and when you are healthy, you look and appear beautiful. Not to mention you will

feel beautiful from the inside out.

Here is a great recipe I love to have for breakfast, and I believe it make a big difference in my overall beauty regimen. It makes me feel refreshed and healthy with the ability to take on the days tasks. It has taken me a long to figure out how to maintain my health and weight and I can say that Alogenic Aloe Vera has helped in this journey of self-love and health. Drink this wonderful smoothie using Alogenic Aloe Vera powder to make a juice and re-create this delicious and healthy drink.

We call it the: 

Creamy Alogenic Raspberry Smoothie. 

This smoothie is packed with all types of nutrients that are found in Aloe Vera along with Vitamin-C rich raspberries. Then you have the Omega- packed flaxseeds and delicious probiotic yoghurt to combine for a smooth texture. With all these ingredients you can promote brain health, promote immunity health, and improve the functioning of the digestive system and cardiovascular system as well. 

DIRECTIONS: First combine all the ingredients minus the water in a blender. Then blend until nice and smooth and add water as needed until you reach the desired consistency you like personally to consume. 


¼ cup Alogenic Aloe Vera Juice

½ cup plain Greek yoghurt 

½ cup frozen raspberries

1/8 cup ground flaxseed

¼ cup water

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