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The Plant of Immortality

The Plant of Immortality - Alogenic

Aloe Vera has is often referred to as the plant of immortality because it can live and bloom without soil. That’s right, you heard me, without soil. Don’t worry, we grow our Aloe Vera with Australian volcanic rich soil to give you the best the plant can offer. Here is a great site that explains in further detail how Aloe Vera can survive in such harsh conditions.


The Plant of immortality or better known as Aloe Vera has a direct effect of the skin layers where rejuvenation occur. One reason Aloe Vera can penetrate the skin layers so well is the presence of lignin, which is a relatively inert cellulose-like substance that helps other ingredients to make their way to the deeper layers of the skin allowing it to perform its magic.

Did you know that Aloe Vera is a potent growth stimulator? With this quality, say if you have a burn or a cut, the Aloe Vera can penetrate the wound and promote healing from the inside out. The Aloe Vera stops oxygen from getting to the wound and replaces the fluids to help speed up the healing process and reduce the amount of scarring from occurring. We believe, along with many other people that Aloe Vera can increase the efficiency and the rate of wound healing. Now I bet you are starting to see why Aloe Vera is referred to as the plant of immortality.

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