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Which Aloe Vera Can You Eat

Which Aloe Vera Can You Eat - Alogenic


There are a few different types main type but there is only 1 - 3 type that you can consume Barbadensis

Aloe Vera has over 400 species within its large genus. The most potent of all the Aloe species, uber rich in minerals, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and more, is called the Aloe Barbadensis Miller. Also, known the “true Aloe.” 

Aloe Vera, due to its special make up has the miraculous ability to close up any damage or any wound to its outer skin almost instantaneously. This prevents the loss of precious water and nutrients from the plant. Having this amazing ability to heal itself providing an airtight seal, may have been the clue to ancient civilizations to the potential healing powers of this plant. 

The Aloe Vera leaf is made up of four layers.

First you have the Rind, which is the protective outer layer of the plant.

Second, you have the Sap which is the later that is bitter and gives it chemical protections from animals.

Third, you have the mucilage.

Fourth, you get the Gel, the material where the healing properties lie and the edible part. Currently over 200 nutrients have been identified in Aloe Vera.

All of these nutrients working together is what gives Aloe Vera its incredible healing and health-giving benefits, such a as reducing blood sugar levels, dental plaque, inflammation, as well as improved antioxidant defences and memory. 

Aloe Vera gel is safe to eat so long as it is prepared properly to remove any aloin. 

You could follow the wikiHow on 12 Ways to Eat Aloe Vera and spend all day making your Aloe Vera right. 

12 Ways to Eat Aloe Vera - wikiHow and hope that your Aloe Vera is the “true Aloe Vera” or you could save yourself a whole lot of hassle and headache by purchasing Alogenic’s Certified Organic Aloe Vera and know that we have done all the hard work for you. 

We grow our Aloe Vera in rich Organic Volcanic Australian soil and bring you the closest thing to slicing open and harvesting the plant Fresh.  

Alogenic has got you covered. Time is precious, so why not save yours?

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