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Pumpkin spice, Aloe Vera & affogato tea recipe

Pumpkin spice, Aloe Vera & affogato tea recipe

Pumpkin spice affogato tea recipe

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Imagining days curled up on the couch embracing those cozy fall vibes? Sweater weather’s about to hit, so that means pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! We know everyone’s into PSLs—and we make a mean pumpkin chai latte—but we tried our hand at a pumpkin spice affogato tea recipe.

No idea what “affogato” means? Don’t worry about it (in Italian accent). This coffee-based dessert is home to Italy, and traditionally involves ice cream or “gelato” (insert Italian accent again) with a shot of hot espresso. But this is the tea world, so we put our own twist on it!

How to Make Our Pumpkin Spice Affogato Tea Recipe
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4 Perfect Spoons of Pumpkin Chai loose leaf tea                                                    2 Lg Fresh Aloe Vera inner leaf fillets 
½ cup of hot water (95°C / 200°F)
2 scoops of ice cream
Whipped cream—optional!
step 1
In a Steeper, steep 4 Perfect Spoons of Pumpkin Chai in ½ cup of hot water.    add Aloe Gel                                                                                                        (95°C / 200°F) for 5 mins. Dispense into measuring cup.
step 2
Fill a glass with 2 scoops of your fave ice cream.
step 3
Carefully pour tea over.
step 4
Top with whipped cream (optional).

featured tea
pumpkin chai
Psst! If you’re fresh out of Pumpkin Chai, you can substitute for any of our delish pumpkin teas.

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